Welcome to the first Sunday of 2024, a inaugural occasion as we embark on a spiritual journey centered around the themes of Consecration & Divine Health. In this transformative series, we set our focus on the unchanging nature of God's word and our profound Sickness-Free Covenant, seeking to unravel the mysteries that lead us to a life of divine health.

The Unchanging Nature and Oneness of God and His Word

Our foundation lies in understanding the unchanging nature of God’s word, as proclaimed in Isaiah 55:11: “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void.” This eternal nature is further emphasized in Malachi 3:6, declaring, “I am the Lord, I change not.” God and His word are inseparable; altering His word would mean altering God Himself.

As we embark on this sermon series, it is crucial to recognize that the divine provisions in God’s unchanging word are designed to mold and revolutionize life situations, not the other way around. Life situations cannot alter the word; the word is designed to mold and revolutionize life situations.

Jesus as Our Pattern Son

The Focal Point of Divine Health

The focal point of our contemplation on divine health is found in the life of Jesus Christ, identified as the “Pattern Son” in Hebrews 12:2. His life serves as the definitive pattern for believers, encompassing all aspects, including divine health. Examining the Gospels reveals the absence of sickness in Jesus’ life, portraying Him as the divine symbol for believers’ well-being.

Exemplary Health of Jesus

Consider the exemplary health of Jesus as reflected in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Astoundingly, there is a conspicuous absence of sickness in His life. Operating in unyielding soundness, strength, and vitality, Jesus becomes a divine symbol reflecting God’s intent for believers’ deliverance, preservation, and safety.

Jesus as the Target of Our Faith

Jesus is not just the target of our faith; He is the primary target in all matters of life, including health. His sinless life on earth serves as the indisputable benchmark for believers, justifying our pursuit of a sickness-free existence.

Claiming Redemptive Benefits by Faith

Believers are not meant to harbor sickness but can claim the benefits of divine health. God, in His benevolence, provides for the well-being of His people. Despite these revelations on health, some remain ensnared by sickness, missing the opportunity to stand firmly on the sickness-free covenant.

Perils of Spiritual Immaturity

Regrettably, despite God’s revelations on health, many of His cherished people remain ensnared by sickness and disease. Some even mistakenly believe that sickness aligns with God’s will, while others seek solace in medical science—all these are deceptions perpetrated by the adversary.

Embracing Divine Provision

God, in His benevolence, has established a provision for the sickness-free well-being of all His people, urging believers to embrace and walk in this divine provision. However, some individuals, still in their spiritual immaturity, persistently seek healing from external sources, revealing a lack of maturity to stand firmly on the sickness-free covenant with God.

Sonship Consciousness

Understanding sonship consciousness is essential, as emphasized in Galatians 4:1,3-5. As children grow into sons, they gain rights and privileges, including divine health. When sonship consciousness takes root, sickness consciousness diminishes. God’s intent is for His family to symbolize divine health, as highlighted in James 5:14-15, which underscores the importance of seeking healing within the Church.

Transformative Shift

When sonship consciousness gets into you, sickness consciousness gets out of you! It’s a transformative shift that distinguishes between being a child in need of healing and a son who walks in divine health. As sons, we walk in the fullness of our rights and privileges, including health and well-being.

Divine Health in the Early Church

In the early Church, the apostles walked in divine health, showcasing the power of Jesus, who sanctified His disciples from sickness. Sickness is not a part of the Body of Christ, emphasizing the significance of health in God’s plan. James emphasizes God’s strong emphasis on health, expressing His desire for His family to be a symbol of divine health.

The Superiority of the Church

All the apostles in the early Church walked in divine health, and sickness among believers was not common. It was not normal for a believer to be sick. Even in instances where there seemed to be a lack of faith, individuals like Thomas and Judas walked in sound health.

Unveiling God’s Intent

The Church is superior to sickness; it is not for us. This truth was evident in the question posed by James, “Is any sick among you?” It was not common to be sick then, and this question highlighted the superiority of the Church over sickness.

Embrace the Sickness-Free Covenant

Embrace the sickness-free covenant rooted in the eternal and unchanging nature of God’s word, exemplified through Jesus, and accessible through faith and sonship consciousness. Remember the unalterable nature of God’s word, the divine pattern set by Jesus, and the redemptive benefits available to believers.


As we navigate this series, divine health is not just a benefit but a right for believers. Join us next week as we explore “Your Right To Health” and delve into the powerful revelation of the rights to healing based on God’s promises. Don’t miss this empowering message that unlocks the fullness of your health in Christ. Stand firm in the sickness-free covenant, for it is your divine heritage.