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Jesus of Nazareth: King of the Jews not King of the Palestinians

Explore the historical truth of Jesus of Nazareth, recognizing him as the King of the Jews rather than the King of the Palestinians. Uncover the significance of preserving accurate narratives, addressing misconceptions, and understanding the complexities surrounding Jesus’ identity. Delve into the historical context, dispelling myths that aim to redefine his legacy. Embrace an informed perspective on Jesus, navigating through nuanced historical realities.

The Concept of God: A Comparative Analysis Between African Theology and Biblical Traditions

Within the framework of African theology, the concept of God is deeply rooted in the context of African Traditional Religion(s) (ATR). According to ATR, there exists a Supreme Being who is regarded as the source of all life and existence. This Supreme Being is often considered distant, yet accessible through a pantheon of deities or ancestral spirits who function as intermediaries. In contrast to African theology, the Biblical traditions predominantly promote a monotheistic worldview. In Christianity, God is perceived as the singular, supreme, and omnipotent entity.

Why Homosexuals Can’t Play the “Discrimination Card”

The ever-persistent matter of homosexuality and its intricate relationship with the Church. In today’s society, it has evolved into a subject of immense significance and intense contention. As a conscientious observer, I recognize that the Church can no longer evade the responsibility of addressing this matter solely by focusing on filling the pews and balancing the books.

Bridges between the LGBTQ+ and Christianity

The concept of “pride” in this context can be understood as a fundamental desire for dignity. However, I find pride month intriguing primarily because of its association with one of the “seven deadly sins” and the narrative of Lucifer’s downfall resulting from his arrogant passion.