Category: Cultural Critique

Jesus of Nazareth: King of the Jews not King of the Palestinians

Explore the historical truth of Jesus of Nazareth, recognizing him as the King of the Jews rather than the King of the Palestinians. Uncover the significance of preserving accurate narratives, addressing misconceptions, and understanding the complexities surrounding Jesus’ identity. Delve into the historical context, dispelling myths that aim to redefine his legacy. Embrace an informed perspective on Jesus, navigating through nuanced historical realities.

A Clash of Ideals: Exploring Jesus’ Teachings and Marxist Ideology

The Calabash stadium was packed for the Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) ten-year anniversary rally. Some prominent pastors in our country appear to be among Julius Malema’s alleged growth of one million supporters of his Marxist-inspired manifesto. Since I identify as a “Bible” Christian, I think it’s important to investigate the alleged contradictions between Christianity and communism and to highlight the philosophical differences between the teachings of Jesus and the principles of Marxism.

Sound of Freedom: Celebrating the Power of Strong Men and Fathers

This review outlines four critical moral principles that may be underexplored.
Psychological Projection: Evil individuals project negative characteristics onto good individuals. By criticising those who exemplify “the virtuous path”, for instance, Jim Caviezel showcases himself as the protagonist who embodies goodness, compassion, and selflessness and inspires others to pursue the same path of ethical living. Evil people attempt to control and manipulate public opinion by discrediting the protagonist. By casting doubt on the intentions or actions of the virtuous, they seek to gain control and power over others, and by deflecting their attention away from their own malevolence, they maintain their sense of superiority.