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Why Homosexuals Can’t Play the “Discrimination Card”

The ever-persistent matter of homosexuality and its intricate relationship with the Church. In today’s society, it has evolved into a subject of immense significance and intense contention. As a conscientious observer, I recognize that the Church can no longer evade the responsibility of addressing this matter solely by focusing on filling the pews and balancing the books.

Bridges between the LGBTQ+ and Christianity

The concept of “pride” in this context can be understood as a fundamental desire for dignity. However, I find pride month intriguing primarily because of its association with one of the “seven deadly sins” and the narrative of Lucifer’s downfall resulting from his arrogant passion.

The Transformative Power of the Living Word: Penetrating Hearts and Illuminating Souls

In a world saturated with an abundance of written texts, there exists one that surpasses them all—the Word of God. This sacred text possesses a power that transcends intellectual comprehension. It is not a static collection of words on a page; it is alive and dynamic, capable of penetrating the deepest recesses of our being like a sharp, two-edged sword.