Category: Strategic Evangelism

Sound of Freedom: Celebrating the Power of Strong Men and Fathers

This review outlines four critical moral principles that may be underexplored.
Psychological Projection: Evil individuals project negative characteristics onto good individuals. By criticising those who exemplify “the virtuous path”, for instance, Jim Caviezel showcases himself as the protagonist who embodies goodness, compassion, and selflessness and inspires others to pursue the same path of ethical living. Evil people attempt to control and manipulate public opinion by discrediting the protagonist. By casting doubt on the intentions or actions of the virtuous, they seek to gain control and power over others, and by deflecting their attention away from their own malevolence, they maintain their sense of superiority.

Discipleship vs. Spiritual Formation: Understanding the Key Differences

In the realm of Christian faith and personal growth, two significant concepts often come into focus: discipleship and spiritual formation. While they are interconnected and share similar objectives, it is crucial to recognize their distinctions and understand how they contribute to an individual’s spiritual journey. This comprehensive article aims to provide a clear understanding of the differences between discipleship and spiritual formation, highlighting their unique aspects and exploring their significance in fostering a deeper relationship with God.

Strategic Evangelism: Reaching Hearts with Purpose

In a world filled with diverse cultures, backgrounds, and personal struggles, sharing the message of the Gospel requires a strategic approach. It goes beyond merely spreading the word; it entails understanding and connecting with the target audience on a deeper level. Strategic evangelism involves a multifaceted approach, one that Jesus Himself exemplified during His earthly ministry.