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Quickly gain a comprehensive view of the relationship to enable you to focus your time on what your relationships needs.


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As a certified relationships coach, Shan has  nearly two decades of experience. He has empowered many couples to navigate the intricacies of dating, courting, and marriage successfully.

Customise Your Sessions

Based on the stage and structure of each couple’s relationship, many unique scales and categories may be assessed: Problems from previous marriages, Forgiveness,  Health issues, Sexual,  Parenting issues, Wedding  Stress, relationship in later life, etc.

Couple Checkup

It is crucial for keeping things fresh, building trust, resolving conflicts constructively, and strengthening the emotional bond between partners. It is recommended that at least once a year, for couples to redo the assessment. Let’s work together to achieve this, schedule your assessment today!

Your Relationship Is Too Precious To Be Life On

Longevity Leverages the Power of Coaching Versus Counseling. Here Are the Differences

The primary distinction between coaching and counseling lies in their respective focuses. Counseling delves into one’s past, addressing and healing emotional wounds, while coaching centers on the present and future.

Counseling follows a clinical approach, aiming to resolve past pain and enhance emotional well-being through self-awareness and skill development. In contrast, coaching emphasises learning and personal growth, directing efforts towards achievable current and future objectives. My coaching aims to facilitate self-development by harnessing individual strengths for maximum potential.

Another notable distinction is accountability. In counseling, clients are encouraged to take responsibility for their emotions and internal changes. In contrast, coaching resembles business goal-setting, targeting external aspects and behaviors with measurable outcomes. Clients are held accountable for their actions, aligning them with strategies designed to achieve their self-defined goals. 

What To Expect From Longevity Coaching?

Comprehensive Relationship Assessment:

LC offers a comprehensive assessment that evaluates multiple facets of a couple’s relationship, including communication, conflict resolution, and intimacy.

Personalized Feedback:

Couples receive personalised feedback reports highlighting their strengths and areas for growth, providing actionable insights tailored to their unique dynamics.

Proven Effectiveness:

LC uses one of the top assessments globally due to its evidence-based approach, with numerous studies demonstrating its positive impact on relationship satisfaction and longevity.

Facilitation by Certified Coach:

Couples benefit from the guidance of certified coach who helps interpret assessment results and facilitate productive conversations.

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Us?

In a world where we invest in education, physical health, and personal growth, our relationships often serve as the cornerstone of our happiness and well-being. They deserve equal attention and investment. Seeking coaching demonstrates our commitment to nurturing and strengthening the most important investments of all – our connections with loved ones.

Communication Challenges: Investing in Connection

If you value your relationship and want to strengthen the connection with your partner, coaching can help you invest in effective communication.

Repetitive Conflicts: Valuing Resolution

You recognizing the importance of resolving conflicts in your relationship, coaching becomes a valuable investment to teach you the skills needed to maintaining harmony and understanding.

Intimacy Issues: Investing in Connection Renewal

For those who deeply value the emotional and physical intimacy in their relationship, coaching is a way to invest in rekindling the spark and enhancing the overall connection.

Preparation for Life Changes: Valuing a Strong Partnership

When you cherish the strength of your partnership and want it to thrive through life’s changes, coaching ensures you invest in a solid foundation to navigate transitions together.

Belief in Investing in Your Relationship

You believe in the importance of investing in your relationship.

My Approach

My coaching approach revolves around a world renowned online assessment that measure over 9 key scales, providing valuable insights into your relationship dynamics. I offer six standard coaching sessions, but I’m also flexible in accommodating customized sessions to address specific needs such as pre-wedding stress, forgiveness, parenting, blended families and couples or family mapping.

Whether you prefer a more intimate one-on-one setting or enjoy the dynamic of group sessions, I offer both options. Sessions can be conducted online for convenience or in person for those who prefer face-to-face interaction. My goal is to provide a personalized experience that best suits your unique needs. 

Longevity coaching Shan and Rey Thumbran

Awesome coaching session! The assessment is definitely an eye-opener and the starting point to wonderful or not-so-wonderful conversations you can have on how to make your marriage better than   it is.

Rodney and partner

The course allows one to discover and identify critical elements that are hindering your relationship from flourishing and then provides you with simple tools on how to apply the fundamentals to ensure a happy and lasting marriage.


Karin and partner 

Highly recommended for anyone. Whether you married for a month, a year or forty years. Shan is extremely knowledgable.   The information you get is priceless.  Which I have discovered after my short marriage of 25 years to be key to real happiness Thank you for this 7 Star review!

Chris and partner

How It Works

The Assessement

Taking the assessments first is pivotal because the entire coaching process is grounded in the valuable data they provide. Even if you choose to only take the assessments independently, you’re already taking a significant step towards enhancing your relationship. Click now to embark on this journey of self-discovery and relationship improvement.


Private Coaching

Once you’ve completed the assessments as a couple, it’s time to transform the data into actionable insights and make your relationship stronger and healthier. You can easily book an online session with me to navigate this journey together. I recommend a minimum of three sessions to ensure meaningful progress. Don’t wait, book now to invest in the future of your relationship.

Group Coaching

Group coaching offers a unique opportunity to benefit from the collective wisdom and experiences of others on a similar journey. Through the interaction and shared insights of your peers, you’ll gain a richer understanding of your own relationship dynamics. Don’t miss out on this enriching learning experience. Book now for the next group session and embark on your journey to a healthier, more fulfilling relationship.

Couples Online Assessments

Unlock Instant Access to a World-Renowned Scientific-Based Couples Online Assessment for both of you. Experience the benefits of a trusted resource for strengthening relationships, and gain valuable insights into your partners


More Details

Once you successfully pay, you will receive an email with your login details for both of you to complete your assessment. It takes about 45 minutes to complete. Upon completion, you will receive your results almost immediately. Please check your inbox. Remember, if you take the assessment alone, you have done your relationship a great service. However, I highly recommend you seek private or group coaching. 

Private Coaching Session Online

Enhance your connection with expert guidance and personalized coaching, all conveniently available online for your convenience. I highly recommend a minimum of 3 sessions for optimal results in strengthening your connection (Price is per session, per couple). 


More Details

Upon completing the Insight Assessment, you will receive your results almost immediately. If you have booked private coaching, I will send several suggested dates and times to accommodate your schedule for the online coaching session. Please note that sessions are 60 minutes, although some may run a bit longer. To order more than one session, seelect the desired quantity in the store.

Group Coaching  *Couple Assessments included

Connect with others on a similar journey while benefiting from the expert guidance of my fun group coaching approach. Plus, enjoy a light lunch and welcome coffee and tea during the session. Assessment costs per couple are also included.


More Details

Select the desired Group Coaching package and complete your payment. Assessment costs are included.Upon successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email with details about your upcoming Group Coaching sessions. Included in the email will be the the login details to take the couple assessments.  


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