Abba Unveiled – Know God You Worship


Abba Unveiled: Know God You Worship

In Abba Unveiled, you’ll find a comprehensive understanding of who God is and what it means to worship Him. We’ll explore every aspect of God, from His name and nature to His person, work, and existence. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of His love and purpose for your life, and be equipped with the tools and insights you need to know God on a deeper level.

Theology Proper Doctrines:

  • The existence of God
  • The incomprehensibility of God
  • The attributes of God (communicable and incommunicable)
  • The Trinity
  • The decrees of God
  • The providence of God
  • The knowledge of God
  • The immutability of God
  • The omnipresence of God
  • The omnipotence of God
  • The omniscience of God
  • The wisdom of God
  • The goodness of God
  • The justice of God
  • The holiness of God
  • The love of God
  • The grace of God
  • The mercy of God

Throughout the book, I draw from my personal experiences, the experiences of others, and my knowledge of theology and biblical studies. I also use relatable everyday examples to further elucidate deep spiritual truths.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned believer, Abba Unveiled is a must-read. It’s for anyone who desires to grow in their relationship with God and gain a deeper understanding of His nature and character.

Order your copy of Abba Unveiled today and discover the God you worship like never before.

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