To clarify, it is not a particular model of Church that matters, as it is to witness what the Spirit of God does in people’s lives when they discover the New Testament principles of being and doing Church in small communities. 

The Church is the Hope of the World 

Think about it, over three billion people on our planet have never heard the name of Jesus, even once.  Add to this the many complexities of the post-Covid world, which presents people with various social and spiritual challenges; joblessness, loneliness, mental stress and fatigue,  spiritual corrosion, lukewarmness and the disconnection from godly influences, to name a few.    

I believe the Church is the hope of the world. Therefore, contextual sensitivity is critical for her relevance, which means that she must always discover new ways to be outward-focused! The Church has been commissioned to respond with Jesus’ compassion and the good news of the Cross to both the physical and spiritual challenges the world faces. 

Indeed, she is not perfect (well, at least not yet); sure, she does not have all the answers, and because of her diversity, we all understand that a “one size fits all” approach does not work with her. Nonetheless, I am excited about the House church movement, not excluding any other part of the Body of Christ. So, if you are looking for a blog that strikes and criticizes the institutional Church or denominations or mega-churches, this is the wrong blog for you.

Rather, I am excited about how God’s Spirit moves through House churches to touch people, especially those who would not otherwise attend the institutionalized Church.  Most of the people who have never heard the good news about Jesus live in countries, that are closed to traditional expressions of Sunday oriented, building-driven churches. What is happening around the world right now through house-church movements is spectacular. 

In communist China alone, one million people are being saved each month. Tens of millions of people are coming to Christ in Middle Eastern Islamic countries through hundreds of thousands of small, simple churches worldwide. 


Home churches produce greater ownership, accountability, spontaneity, involvement, responsibility, growth among attendees and the best part; it is not at the mercy of any secular States lockdown restrictions. Click To Tweet

A Post Covid Reality 

If we are to reach the unchurched in their masses, the unsaved whom we are ACTUALLY called to touch with the love of God, I believe it will not be through program-driven, professional-clear models of the Western Church Model. Individualism is a dying breed.  Individualism is a dying bread. Our recent pandemic has revealed this, our most innate need for community. 

In the light of the post-Covid world, the increasing hostility against Christianity there is probably no more significant factor in the growth of the Church worldwide. Then the recently rediscovered power of small, simple, easily reproducible house churches –the principles that make small, simple churches work well are not only fueling worldwide church growth but are also helping people grow spiritually. 

Home churches produce greater ownership, accountability, spontaneity, involvement, responsibility, growth among attendees and the best part; it is not at the mercy of any secular States lockdown restrictions. 

To reach every nation and every person with the Gospel is a BIG DREAM! God is just that, a BIG GOD! We, too, should dream big dreams while we build small. Like God who has a big dream for the Church-but, He builds His Church one life, one family and one small church community at a time. Then this is how we must begin!

Finally, Fostering a Culture of Micro Groups

This is essential for the future health of the Church.  Its effectiveness measures the maturity of the leadership and effectiveness of the movement. Healthy micro-groups have a lasting impact, providing it is the central mission of your Church’s leadership.    

Remember, the principles that form the engine in the house-church model are not the model itself but the Spirits working in us in a smaller community. The beauty here is that these principles are not complicated, and figuring them out doesn’t require a seminary education or very talented individuals.  The New Testament principles are woven throughout the story of the Church in the book of Acts, and they continue today to permeate the house-church movement worldwide.

With this in mind, please read my other blogs (The Future of the Church) with the hope that they will guide and inspire you to see what God does when you open your home, your office or your classroom to a few other people. 

You may also email us if you wish to join the movement by starting or attend a house church!

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God Bless you!