What is the mark of authentic leadership? Talent? Knowledge? Experience? Confidence? Humility? These are some of every great leader’s essential qualities, but it is not what ultimately makes him a great leader! 

One of my all-time favourites in the subject of leadership, you guessed it! … John Maxwell! 

Let’s Play Golf and Do Lunch

He said before a leader recruits another leader, he should do two things;   One, take them golfing, and two, take them to a buffet.

John explains why,  A golf course and a buffet can teach you a lot about a person. On a golf course, John says, he looks to see if someone is honest, efficient, and comfortable with themselves by watching how emotional they get. VERY SMART!

In a buffet line, John says, he looks for someone to work around lines and pick and choose where and when to get their food. This is a sign of a leader rather than a follower. Practical tips for SURE, but I am pointing out how great leaders consistently identify other potential leaders and develop them into leaders themselves! 

Isn’t this what the greatest leader of all, Jesus Christ himself, encouraged?  Isn’t this what the Apostle Pauls leadership to Timothy, … commit these sayings of mine to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. Paul said this to his dear spiritual son.

This is the Law of Reproduction! 

 It Takes A Leader To Raise A Leader 

It is true; few steps into leadership because of a crisis. Others end up in leadership because they were born to lead. But did you know, four out of five leaders you meet have emerged as leaders because of the impact made on them by leaders who mentored them?  It takes a leader to raise up a leader! So why don’t we see the Law of Reproduction at work in our lives, ministries, teams, businesses, especially when it is a spiritual law in the Kingdom? 

There are many reasons. Sometimes people don’t recognise the tremendous value of developing leaders. Others may focus so much attention on their followers they don’t have anything left for their high potential future leaders. For other leaders, the real problem may be insecurity.

In my blog, The Law of Empowerment, I stated that: Only secure leaders give power to others. 

Don’t Forget this about David

The problem with the worlds leadership culture in contrast to the Kingdom leadership culture can be better understood in David and Goliath’s story. Most leaders only see David as a warrior who won against a giant and a king promoted because of his victory.    This is the great tragedy of leadership in ministry and the marketplace. TRUE David was a mighty warrior and a great king, but most leaders forget that David raised up other mighty warriors or great leaders. 

Finally … if you want to live a life that glorifies God, then you must be committed to the law of reproduction. Jesus spoke of the law in John 15, when He spoke about fruitfulness.   The problem is when we try to reproduce what we are not. Jesus begins with the instruction, abide in the Word… because —WE REPRODUCE ONLY WHO WE ARE! Not what we know.   

If we abide in the Word and the Word abides in us, that is who we are, and that is who we will produce.  So if you want to be a leader of leaders, you must abide with leaders of leaders.   It is not possible to neglect these laws of reproduction if you want to become an effective leader.  Evey effective leadership mentor or disciples-maker makes the development of leaders one of his highest priorities. Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Daniel, Jesus, Paul and Timothy focused on the priority of reproducing leaders. Remember, the potential of the organisation depends on the growth of its leadership. 

The more leaders there are, the greater its chance to succeed!


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