They Oversold You, Atheism

          Ever heard some respond to religion as the cause of all evil in the world, and about how atheists are so much more intelligent than religious people?

Pretentious and arrogant, that’s what I think.

The arguments and attitudes of most self-proclaimed atheists are both ignorant and arrogant. They do not understand the content of proper theology. Instead of actually engaging with religious philosophers and theologians… they give the impression of refuting an argument. Whereas the actual subject of the argument is not addressed or refuted, instead, replaced with a false one. For instance, I have recently read another article by Eusebius McKaizer, “Why would God be associated with us?”.

Eusebius is like a Rock Shandy to pin down his beliefs. For instance, he claims to be an agnostic, reasons like an atheist and behaves like a humanist, “If God exists why is there so much evil”, and “get religion out of schools, to free our mind and become ours”. For the likes of Eusebius, religion seems to be the only controlling force in the world. They totally ignore other aspects of ideology, such as their own assumptions of liberalism, wokeism or humanism.

People like Eusebius think that the act of converting someone into an atheist or any combination of their “Rock Shandy” worldview is itself a noble, productive achievement. It doesn’t matter if the converted person has changed their politics or morality. They think that the act of making an unbeliever is creating a better world.

They Oversold You Atheism. Here’s one good reason I think so.

Many atheists are also incapable of producing a reasonable analysis of reality. They often reduce evil in the world to be caused by religion and religious people, “The world would be better if the ignorant Christians didn’t believe the dumb things they did.” While ignoring the substantive value that religion brings into people’s lives. Listen, in a world plagued by evil and suffering, is it reasonable to think that the worst thing that could happen is someone believing in something that doesn’t exist? So atheists ignore how horribly prejudiced it is to blame religious people — most of whom are impoverished living in the developing world — for all the world’s problems. Mussolini’s bigotry was born of this premise. To revive society, demonise religion.

There is value in the Bible that should be recognised and drawn from. Over two centuries, it has shaped the outlook and lives of some of the most powerful and intelligent men. So, if you are an atheist, who holds the attitude that religious people are stupid. Please take some time to consider that the world doesn’t revolve around you and your beliefs and that it’s possible to believe in God while also being an intelligent, productive member of society and the bible. Analytically both quantitative and qualitative speaking, the Bible. has proven to still be the best foundation for human flourishing and social order.

The fool for Jesus Christ
Shan Thumbran